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MILANO GENIUS 2019 "Design Made in Osaka"




Milano Genius 2019: Arte, Cultura e Innovazione is an exhibition that accentuates through the creative side of Milan an occasion of comparison, collaboration and development of creative topics between the municipalities of Milan and Osaka, sister cities. The exhibition is entirely created and supported by the Italian Institute of Culture in Osaka; among the different partners involved there is our Association, Asian Studies Group, representative of Milan as far as the operating schedule, communication and sponsorship at the municipality of Milan is concerned.

For the Design section, apart from the numerous themed activities in Osaka starting from March 1st and finishing on March 12th, in occasion of Italian Design Day in Osaka, Milano Genius 2019 also offers the opportunity for Japanese designers/creators to take part in Milan Design Week in Milan, from April 9th to April 14th 2019, by applying on Switch on Your Creativity (6th edition).

Thanks to a series of important partnerships and sponsorships, visibility for works and creators selected will be guaranteed in a few prestigious and populous locations entirely free of charge. Switch on Your Creativity will also provide to spread contents in Italian and in English regarding the “specially selected” Japanese designers for Milano Genius 2019, in collaboration with the city of Osaka and the Italian Cultural Institute in Osaka.


In this section you will find some guidelines indicated for Call for Creativity, supported by Milano Genius 2019

Terms of participation
・Single or collective form Minimum age 18, maximum age 40 years old (two sections will be created – junior until 30 and executive from 30 to 40)
・Residents in Osaka (prefecture) or with business/studying activity in Osaka
・Some of the themes proposed are:
   - Design And Planet: sustainable perspectives
     As for the European presented in Osaka on November 3rd 2018 at the Italian Institute of Culture, Milano Genius 2019 allows young Japanese designers to introduce their own work on the theme of environment and sustainability. There will be allowed projects/prototypes/products for different uses on the ecological theme and facing the aspects of: culture of environmental respect, choice of materials, eco – sustainability in production or usage, innovation.
  – Facing with Japan, please take a seat
     Seats (stools, armchairs, chairs of any kind) with artistic, innovative, functional or modern interpretation which express a particular identity or personality in the representation of the object in the space.
  – Cool Japan
     Interior objects/pieces which express distinctive features of contemporary Japan or that can help to understand it in an interpretative key which must be innovative, lively, artistic and charming for its esthetic or use.

To participate please send from January 11th to February 17th 2019 via e-mail at  three photo of the product, a short video that presents the designer and the product/prototype/project/installation and an additional sheet which sums up all the information about the weigh, size, conditions of use, and peculiarities of the product.
It is also necessary to indicate for which of the three themes you want to sign up (Design And Planet/ Take a Seat/ Cool Japan) in the object of the e-mail.

These materials would be used by Asian Studies Group within the activities of promotional editing/ visual editing/ preview on the Milano Genius 2019 blog site and Facebook page and on the Switch on Your Creativity hub.

The organizers will communicate the selected projects via e – mail within February 22nd 2019. Given the number of subscriptions the organizers may also decide to confirm the totality, a part or just one of the three themes proposed.

Some products/ prototypes/ installations/ projects may be presented in Osaka at the Hall of the municipality of Osaka with the participation of the designers during the promotional activities of the Italian design and Milan Design week in March (starting from the week of March 11th).

The products/prototypes/ installations / projects that will be exhibited must be delivered to Milan within March 31st 2019 (shipping cost are at the expense of the participant) with all the details about their installation.

Further details will be communicated to the finalists of the project about the showrooms of Milano Design Week, where they must send the materials. The exhibition will be documented by photos and content editing of post production on the official social networks. The designers will have the possibility to personally take part in the networking activities promoted by partners and supporters of the event during Milano Design Week.

For more information:


Data: Da Ven 11 Gen 2019 a Gio 11 Apr 2019

Organizzato da : イタリア文化会館-大阪

In collaborazione con : 本文内参照

Ingresso : Libero


Milan, Osaka